Dr. Marco Caruso DC

Dr. Caruso

Dr. Marco Caruso deserves his well-earned reputation as an extraordinary healer, educator, and motivator. In addition to his chiropractic doctorate from the University of Bridgeport, he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and is a leader in the treatment of disc herniation injuries.  In private practice since 2001, his primary focus is on conservative musculoskelatal care and the treatment of soft tissue injuries, as well as the design of exercise and rehabilitative programs for disc herniations. Dr Caruso is passionate about the benefits of chiropractic services in the workplace to help reduce low back pain, muscle tension, neck pain, and headaches – all of which are exacerbated by spending long hours at our desk every day He advocates a proactive approach at improving posture and flexibility with regular chiropractic care, as well as other adjunct wellness services.  Dr Caruso understands that no two patients are alike, and he works with each patient to customize a treatment plan to achieve their optimal level of health. Dr Caruso’s approach to holistic chiropractic care has made him one of the most sought after chiropractors in NY.

More than simply spinal adjustments, Dr Caruso’s approach to chiropractic care also uses therapeutic and rehabilitative exercise, massage, nutrition counseling, and a range of other treatments and therapies that support the natural healing philosophy.  Chiropractic care is conservative and non-invasive, focusing on the mechanics and mobility of the body, aiming to restore balance and encouraging its natural healing systems. By taking a few moments each week to focus on your health can mean better productivity, and a much more positive mood.